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Recovering Browser Cached File

This article is about how to save yourself when you make a mistake and lose an important file you just saw in your browser.

With the recent updates to Mozilla Firefox most of the addon/extensions no longer work. One useful one was CacheViewer.  So while working on a client site a misadventure meant that we replaced some code and couldn’t get the original code back by any means. It basically meant we’re in big trouble when the client wakes up the next day and finds that there’s an empty space on his website… Major embarassment for the team.

Internet search for “where is cache folder location mac osx” only showed how to delete the cache! Obviously, no help from the search engine on this problem. Someone posted an answer on, but it didn’t match my folder structure. Perhaps a version issue I thought.

Enter Easeus, which promised to show cached files. But that’s a deleted file recovery software! Anyway, after letting it do it’s thing for an hour, voila! The Firefox browser cached files appear!

And here’s the path:

Hope this helps someone.

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