Qamar H, KIROO

Diptanshu is the type of individual that you only need to explain something to once and from that point; the wheels of motion are quickly put into play with all relevant team members of whom he is particularly responsible for. His devotion to work and passion for churning out nothing but exceptional quality revolutionises the

Ashish B, PCW

There is very little that this individual does not know about New Technologies for web interface and Frontend Design. Diptanshu has been with the company for 5 years and is a remarkable team player that any company would be proud to have. His vast knowledge and industry experience for Internet applications and subsequent speed of

GEM for Success

Ninety-two percent of startups fail within three years. Only one percent of apps in the Apple App Store are financially successful. And even for the fortunate few companies that raise venture funding, seventy-five percent will fail to generate a return on investors’ capital. What you need is GEM: Growth, Engagement, and Monetization Growth Ask yourself:

When you need a new website skip the salesman

You’ve probably encountered this situation in your quest for the right web site developer. Here’s typically what happens when you hire someone to build you a new website. You describe what you’re doing, your business and why you want a website (Developer google’s your company’s name to see if you have an existing site, or