The 100 day Plan

Presenting yourself Consider how others perceive you. At senior exec levels you need to be aware of your personal branding — “brand you”. Building your network The more you can say and do that meets their expectations, and gives them confidence in having made the right appointment, the more relaxed they will be in their

New Titles and Designations

New titles – OLD: Garden Boy NEW: *Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist* OLD: Receptionist NEW: *Front Desk Controler* OLD: Typist NEW: *Printed Document Handler* OLD: Messenger NEW: *Business Communication Conveyer* OLD: Window Cleaner NEW: *Transparent Wall Technician* OLD: Temporary Teacher NEW: *Associate Tutor* OLD: Tea Boy NEW: *Refreshment Director* OLD: Garbage Collector NEW: *Environmental Sanitation

GEM for Success

Ninety-two percent of startups fail within three years. Only one percent of apps in the Apple App Store are financially successful. And even for the fortunate few companies that raise venture funding, seventy-five percent will fail to generate a return on investors’ capital. What you need is GEM: Growth, Engagement, and Monetization Growth Ask yourself:

When you need a new website skip the salesman

You’ve probably encountered this situation in your quest for the right web site developer. Here’s typically what happens when you hire someone to build you a new website. You describe what you’re doing, your business and why you want a website (Developer google’s your company’s name to see if you have an existing site, or