New Titles and Designations

New titles –

OLD: Garden Boy
NEW: *Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist*

OLD: Receptionist
NEW: *Front Desk Controler*

OLD: Typist
NEW: *Printed Document Handler*

OLD: Messenger
NEW: *Business Communication Conveyer*

OLD: Window Cleaner
NEW: *Transparent Wall Technician*

OLD: Temporary Teacher
NEW: *Associate Tutor*

OLD: Tea Boy
NEW: *Refreshment Director*

OLD: Garbage Collector
NEW: *Environmental Sanitation Technician*

OLD: Guard
NEW: *Security Enforcement Director*

OLD: Thief
NEW: *Wealth Distribution Officer*

OLD: Driver
NEW: *Automobile Propulsion Specialist*

OLD: Maid
NEW: *Domestics Managing Director*

OLD: Cook
NEW: *Food Chemist*

OLD: Gossip
NEW: *Oral Research and Evaluation*


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