Building 29

Picture of the building we grew up in. 25 years back this was surrounded by trees and grass. The space in front was just a single lane road with grass on the other side where we played volleyball or badminton. The concrete road would be the cricket pitch. Our house was the top one above

Hunter S. Thompson’s Letter on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life

In 1958, Hunter S. Thompson wrote a letter to a friend about finding the real purpose in life. It captures the very uncertainty in life so well that even 60 years later it continues to guide generations. Thompson wrote this at the age of 22, when most people are themselves unsure of what they should

The 100 day Plan

Presenting yourself Consider how others perceive you. At senior exec levels you need to be aware of your personal branding — “brand you”. Building your network The more you can say and do that meets their expectations, and gives them confidence in having made the right appointment, the more relaxed they will be in their

New Titles and Designations

New titles – OLD: Garden Boy NEW: *Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist* OLD: Receptionist NEW: *Front Desk Controler* OLD: Typist NEW: *Printed Document Handler* OLD: Messenger NEW: *Business Communication Conveyer* OLD: Window Cleaner NEW: *Transparent Wall Technician* OLD: Temporary Teacher NEW: *Associate Tutor* OLD: Tea Boy NEW: *Refreshment Director* OLD: Garbage Collector NEW: *Environmental Sanitation

Ashish A, BIW

We are immensely greatful of his presence when complex programming is placed before us to create certain types of applications, there is a great deal of logical programming involved with all applications and new technologies are the only way forward to apply the logic. Thank you Diptanshu for being an excellent team player and for

Sushama S, NIN

With a full team of industry experts behind him, Diptanshu is more than capable of handling the most complex of project definitions and turn them into the most user friendly applications that global interface users have the pleasure of interacting with. He’s a valuable asset to any IT organisation.